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We firmly believe in the power and benefits of play. In a world of increasing barriers and more screen time it is our job as professional’s amongst the playwork, education and childcare sectors to ensure we deliver on a child’s right to play.

Operation Play Outdoors take a very interactive and practical approach towards play training. We can provide practical workshops for your staff team to build the confidence, skills and enthusiasm to take learning and play outdoors. We come to your setting and create an individual workshop addressing the issues important to you and bringing new play opportunities to your group.

Our workshops can range from days full of new games and play ideas to understanding the importance of play in all peoples lives. It is often said how important play is for children which we understand and agree with, however not enough is said about the role adults play. We believe in order for more children to play it is important to get more adults playing as well.

We speak with many adults and parents about the time dedicated to play and it is becoming evermore clear that play is often sought of as a luxury and things like homework and chores are considered more important. Or in the case of screen time and computers it is an easier and safer alternative as described by some adults.

At Operation Play Outdoors we have made it our mission to challenge these perceptions of play and ultimately remove these barriers. Get involved with our play training and find fun, exciting play opportunities that are designed to get everyone playing more.

Our Play Training

Our Play Training:

  • Is targeted at groups and organisations that work with children.
  • We understand the importance of play in all peoples lives and encourage individuals to expand on the ideas we bring to the session.
  • Participants will be encouraged to try new games and take part in the full training.
  • We can organise sessions to run in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Prices & Extras

Our play training can be tailored to your needs and the price is very much dependant on the input we give and how long we deliver our play training. We can provide you with one of our fixed training programmes or can create one that is bespoke for your staff and organisation.

Training Programmes include:

Benefits of Outdoor Play, 1hr or 2hr Interactive Workshop: This workshop is set indoors and is designed to look at the benefits of outdoor play and how positive it is for those that take part. This is great for groups that are new to outdoor play or perhaps looking to increase their confidence in playing outdoors.

Games, games and more games! Half day or Full day practical workshop. This fast paced interactive workshop explore lots of games to play both indoors and outdoors and is designed to give your group lots of play ideas to take away and expand on. All participants will have the chance to play the games and get involved. We believe immersing yourself in a game is the best way to appreciate it’s excitement and value. This is a high paced and exciting training day tailored to your venue and group needs.

Woodland Fun and Games, Half day or Full day workshop. This explores the endless opportunities you have for play in a woodland environment. This training is aimed at any groups looking to extend their outdoor play experience and give them games which their groups will love playing.

Risk Assessment Outdoors, Half day Workshop highlighting risk assessment outdoors and how best to keep your services delivery safe but enjoyable. This is an interactive workshop and delivered outdoors to fully appreciate the risk assessment needed. We will challenge common misconceptions around risk and look at a balanced approach to measuring risk but still allowing children, young people and other service users the opportunity to experience risk in as safe a manner as possible.

Risky Play, Half day or Full Day workshop exploring the benefits of risky play and bringing more risky play to your service. Their are endless opportunities for self-development through risky play and this training can explore a range of topics from tools, to fire and give you the right strategies and techniques to implement more risky play to your service.

The best way to get started is to get in touch and we can see how we can tailor our training to meet your organisations needs.

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Training Examples

Working with a new team or tired of the same old games?
We can plan play training to introduce new games and activities tailored to the clients you work with.

Looking to rejuvenate the work force with some play inspiration?
We know that certain tasks within our job can becoming repetitive and almost robotic, we are here to provide some play inspiration and bring some new play opportunities to your organisations.

Shifting to more outdoor play and not sure where to start?
We can provide tips, tricks, advice and lots of fresh outdoor play ideas to ensure your transition to more outdoor play is smooth and above all exciting.

Why Play Training?

Play Training provides a great opportunity to bring new play possibilities to your organisation. It is easy for play to get stagnant and motivation to wander if you do the exact same thing everyday. Let us switch it up and bring more play to your organisation.

What Our Clients are Saying

Loved it, best training I’ve been on. Games were lots of fun! Trainer very knowledgeable

It was very enjoyable and interesting. Learned new skills e.g. knots and particularly enjoyed about learning the different games to play.

Today was fun! I really enjoyed the session. All elements were appropriate to my children’s age range.

Enjoyed all the outdoor training, very useful things to take back to our organisation. All fun and games.

Play Training FAQ’s

What does play training consist of?

Play is constantly evolving and taking new directions. It is important as staff working with children and young people we continue to understand the value of play and encourage new types of play. It also helps bring new ideas into your organisations which helps to develop your experience of delivering various play activities and providing for a generation which research shows are playing less and become less active. We will create a session or programme designed to bring new ideas and referesh your play practices.


Can multiple organisations or groups take part?

Yes, absolutely. We want to encourage as much play as possible and are open to all groups and organistions. The added benefit of bringing groups and organisations together is the greater opportunity for sharing ideas and developing play practice.


Where can I do play training?

We will bring the play training to your venue or location of choice. The venue must be a suitable play space and risk assessed for the play activities involved. We will arrange a time to meet with you and discuss your training requirements as well as checking out the play space. Your group or organisation must have permission to use the desired play space and are accountable for paying venue fees and any other associated costs outwith the play training facilitation fees.


Is there a minimum or maximum number for training?

Some of our training you can book on individually and others are arranged to work specifically with one organisation or group. There is no maximum, we have worked with groups as large as 200 and as small as one to one. It just depends on what outcomes and activities you’d like to work towards. 

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