Our Ethos

As an outdoor based company, we are fully aware of the impact our services and the human activity as a whole can have on the planet. Through our programmes we actively seek to educate others on the environment around them as well as raising awareness of the bigger picture on how to make changes that are positive for the environment. We are pleased to call ourselves a carbon neutral company, ensuring that all the work that we do and services we deliver follow our five environmental commitments as highlighted below.

We use only Vegware

All of the throwaway products like plates, cups, cutlery, etc that we use is fully biodegradable and compostable and we regularly re-use with in some of our own garden space and clients garden spaces. All of our products are sourced from Vegware

We leave no trace

We follow leave no trace principles in all the programmes and services we deliver. This simply means as part of our programmes we clean up all that we have created, we take all of our rubbish and equipment away and leave no visible sign that we’ve been there. Ensuring the space is ready for more people to enjoy and play in.

We stay Carbon Neutral

It is our commitment to remain a Carbon Neutral company moving forward. We do this through our commitment to plant trees every year with our clients as well as regular conservation task throughout the year to ensure we are protecting and giving back to the environment. We take selected groups away every year for Tree Planting opportunities at no cost to them, to date we have helped plant over 10,000across Scotland. 

We Educate

As part of our programmes we feel it’s important to educate others on ways to protect and conserve the planet. Many of our programmes will look at practical ways to help the environment and we are constantly highlighting the importance of looking after our natural world.

We Conserve

Throughout our programmes we are always looking at opportunities to conserve the natural world, whether that be through increasing awareness, education others on practical steps they can take, actively working with environmental organisations to address conservation needs like invasive plant removal, tree planting, biodiversity survey’s and habitat building. Our programmes will actively encourage looking after your local and wider environment, protecting the natural world for others to enjoy.

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