Mental Health Awareness Week

Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week organised by the Mental Health Foundation. Mental Health problems can affect anyone at any time and each year The Mental Health Foundation campaign around a specific theme for Mental Health Awareness Week and they work to support communities, families, and individuals to live mentally healthier lives. 

This year’s theme is ‘Kindness’ and we wanted to do our part to support anyone affected by mental health issues, feeling isolated or disconnected in these difficult times. Normally we would be outside, in the woods and we would offer a range of programmes to connect people with nature, socialise and reduce isolation, however with the current restrictions in place it is not possible to offer our usual services, so we have created some fun and interactive quizzes which we can host online to reduce isolation, break up your day and connect to other people.

Our quizzes are free from the 18th-24th May 2020 and can be hosted anytime this month at a time that suits your organisation and group. We will plan a quiz for family or adult groups and create a fun and relaxing online space to bring people together and hopefully reduce some of the stress and anxiety around at this time. 

How to apply: Simply contact us at or Craig directly to organise a time for us to host a quiz for your organisation, group, school, or community. You do not need to be a formal charity or company; we can plan a quiz for any group of people, and you can expect the quiz to run for an hour via Zoom. We will organise the questions and challenges and you organise the group. You will need an internet connection and computer or phone with the Zoom App downloaded as well as some paper and a pen to play. If this is a barrier and some or all of your group are unable to access the internet, we would be happy to put a paper copy together for you instead.

Full Details of Quiz:

Time: Can be hosted anytime in May 2020 (Limited Spaces available)

Who can play: We’ll organise a quiz specifically for your group or organisation and it can be played by anyone you invite. 

Hosted Where: The quizzes will all be hosted on Zoom.

How long: Expect each quiz to last one hour including answers. Extra time can be added if you wish. 

What to expect: A range of categories with a selection of questions, but also some interactive options. 

Contact us now at to arrange a quiz for your group. 

You can find out more about The Mental Health Foundation here.

If you feel the quiz would not work for your group but are keen to explore ways to stay connected we would be happy to speak with you to look at what we can do to support you, your groups and organisation. We are here to help.