Operation Play Outdoors was established in July 2015 and is based in the City of Glasgow, Scotland. The owner Craig Thomson has a huge passion for play and understands the benefits play can have on all aspects of life as well as the huge developmental benefits for all those that take part. He has noticed in his experience working with children and young people that play has been changing and play itself is becoming something we do more on computers and video games and less and less real play is happening within families, schools, and communities.

Operation Play Outdoors was created to challenge barriers to play and increase play opportunities throughout the central belt of Scotland and further afield. We are noticing a sharp rise in obesity and mental health issues across all ages and generally a much less active younger generation. Play can help tackle these issues and above all be fun for those that take part, after all if we don’t enjoy something we are less likely to do it again.

The electronic age is taking over and so many children and young people find their fun through electronic platforms like PlayStation’s and Ipad’s, however with this uptake of electronic play less and less children are going outside, playing on their streets, socialising with their peers and getting the physical activity they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This company aims to work with all ages and groups to get more people outdoors and playing. We see the value in encouraging adults to play more, by doing that we are likely to encourage more children to play as well. A common theme we see amongst parents is the lack of confidence to go outdoors and entertain their children or not having the time to go out and play, so resorting to quicker and easier play platforms like computers. We challenge this by giving every individual we work with new ideas for play and show them the benefits that real play can have, not only on them but the people around them.

We have lots of events and play opportunities throughout the year to get as many people playing as possible. Our programmes offer a huge range of play possibilities and we endeavour to create unique play experiences that are open to all ages, groups and organisations.


MissionOur mission is to challenge the barriers to play and increase the opportunities for everyone to play more and get outdoors.


VisionOur vision is to see more children and adults taking part in outdoor play and reaping the benefits of being outdoors. We want play to be unplugged, social and excitingly challenging.

Our full name is Operation Play Outdoors but we also go by our nickname OpOut!

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