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Fancy learning how to make a fire, build a basic survival shelter or use tools for woodcraft? Bushcraft programmes give groups and organisations the chance to try something different and learn some interesting skills. These skills can range from making fires from scratch using traditional methods such as bow drills, or challenging groups to work together and make some natural shelters. 

Bushcraft offers a wide range of opportunities and can include basic tool use and woodworking, knot tying, shelter building, outdoor cooking, natural crafts and fire building. We will work with your group or organisation to create a unique programme and can incorporate this into other aspects of planned events.

We offer taster sessions that give groups an introduction to bushcraft. We can also put together longer term programmes that challenge groups to think about survival and what it takes to live out in the wild.

Our bushcraft sessions are also commonly used as team building opportunities which will challenge your team to work together and problem solve. These sessions can target specific outcomes set by your group or organisation to ensure you get the most from your day.

Our Bushcraft Program

Our Bushcraft Program:

  • Bushcraft programmes are based outdoors and run all year round.
  • Participants will be encouraged to try new things, learn new skills in a fun and safe outdoor environment.
  • Bushcraft may involve the use of knives and other tools. This is dependant on the ability and maturity of the group.

Prices & Activities

Our bushcraft sessions are tailored to your needs and the price is very much dependant on the imput we give and how long we deliver the bushcraft. There are also additional extras depending on what activities are chosen.

Activities to try include:

  • Fire lighting (Various methods)
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Using tools and woodworking
  • Shelter Building and Rope work

Depending on the length of the programme you can try various activities.

The best way to get started is to get in touch and we can explore options for Bushcraft.

Important Information

  • Our bushcraft sessions run all year round and can be delivered in a variety of outdoor spaces
  • It’s important to come prepared for the weather
  • We can deliver a taster session or full programme of activities to people of all ages and it will be tailored to fit the group

Is Bushcraft For you?

We can work with all groups to create a forest school programme unique to you. Examples of groups include Schools, Community Groups, Charities, Private Groups, Local Government, Housing Associations, Organisations, etc.

The program may include Tool Use, Fire Lighting, Den Building or Outdoor Cooking

Bushcraft FAQ’s

How much does Bushcraft cost?

The cost depends on many factors. The length of programme, location, and how many are attending. If you get in touch we will put together a proposal set to your requirements and work out the most cost effective Bushcraft session for your organisation or group.

Where can I do Bushcraft?

We have permission to use various parks throughout Glasgow and further afield. When you make an enquiry we will ask for your address and from that give you a list of potential options for Bushcraft sites.  If you would like to escape the city for a session or more we have various options outside the city to choose from.


Does our organisation need to provide a staff member or adult helper?

In the event we are working with a group of children or young people we require that you provide a member of staff or adult helper. We are responsible for running the bushcraft elements as well as the safety of the session but a supervising adult must be present during all sessions to ensure the group management and being responsible for getting the group to and from the session. We expect the staff member or supervising adult to help out where possible and within reason.

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