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Box Play is exactly what you might imagine – playing with boxes. But not just standard boxes, big boxes and lots of them! Box Play provides endless amounts of imaginative and creative play, a box can be anything you want it to be. Some of our groups have taken the opportunity to build large dens and create games involving the boxes.

Box Play is ideally suited to indoor play as the boxes are simply made from cardboard and are perishable. You will require a large space, like a gym hall, and for your first session we will provide you with an experienced play worker who has a huge selection of games they can introduce to the group using the boxes.

All the games and activities we run are fully transferrable for outdoor use, so if you wish to purchase boxes yourself for future play you will have the option to take them out and recreate our box play games outdoors.

There is always an element of free play, in which we put the boxes out and see how the play unfolds! We can work with any groups or organisations and tailor a Box Play session to their requirements.

Our Box Play Sessions

Our Box Play Session:

  • Are planned to meet the needs, ages, and abilities of your group.
  • We understand the importance of play in all peoples lives and encourage individuals to expand on the ideas we bring to the session.
  • Participants will be allowed free time with the boxes to let their imaginations unfold.
  • All of our Box Play sessions are delivered indoors simply due to the perishable nature of the cardboard.
  • The first box play session must be include an OpOut member of staff to ensure the smooth running of session. Subsequent sessions you can hire the boxes without needing an OpOut staff member present; subject to conditions

Birthday Parties

A unique and exciting birthday party experience! We offer our Box Play programme as a Birthday Party experience. We can pop up in any indoor venue and come along to your Birthday Party with all of our boxes and a staff member to facilitate lots of exciting box play games. Parties run for two hours, however you can purchase extra time, see details below. It is your responsibility to book your indoor party venue and ensure that there is adequate space for the box play activities. Max. 20 children. Larger parties can be accommodated dependent on venue space and availability. Please just contact us if you have any queries.

2hr box play session with 1 staff member = £150

This does not include venue costs.

Additional Extras:

Extra Play: £50 for an extra 30min of Play. This will be a selection of free play and instructor lead games.

Larger Groups: If you’d like to invite more than 20 children up to 30, we can accommodate this but would have to provide an extra member of staff for £50 for the two hours. It’s important that there is sufficient space to accommodate your size of group. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to invite a group of more than 30+ people.

Watch the play unfold!

Box Play Information

Please read through our Important Information prior to booking a session or birthday party.

Important Information

Box Play is ideally suited to inside play as the boxes are simply made from cardboard and are perishable. You will require a large indoor space, like a gym hall and we will provide you with an experienced play worker for your first session to provide games ideas and facilitate play.

Box Play Party Terms and Conditions

– Parties and sessions out with the Glasgow City boundary will be charged an additional £10.

– It is important that all participants follow OpOut staff’s instructions at all times during the party to ensure their safety. In the event where the behaviour or actions of an individual or group are deemed unsafe the activity may be suspended.

– Party times are set at 10am – 12pm or 2-4pm so as to allow us to move to other venues in this time for multiple parties in one day. If you’d like to book a different time or were considering booking a 3 hour party please get in touch and we can check possible availability. There might be an additional fee for parties delivered out-with these times.

Further details will be sent to you upon booking a Box Play Party. If you have any questions prior to booking you can get in touch with us via email at

Box Play Equipment Hire

You can hire the box play equipment for a minimum of 3 hours, this includes set up and pack down time. Morning session: 9am – 12pm, afternoon session: 2 – 5pm, or you could book a full day box play session.

One of your own staff members must be present on the day to support the session and be responsible for the children and their behaviours. We can also provide a member of staff to lead activities for an additional cost. The role of OpOut staff is to facilitate the Box Play games and activities.

Is Box Play for you?

We can work with all groups to create box play sessions unique to you. Examples of groups include Schools, After School Cares, Nurseries, Community Groups, Charities, Private Groups, Local Government, Housing Associations, Organisations, etc.

Box Play FAQ’s

How many sessions do I need to do?

Our box play sessions are tailored to meet the needs of your group and organisation. You can choose to do just one session or we can programme multiple box play sessions that provide long term play benefits. The first session you book we will provide an OpOut member of staff to ensure the smooth running of the Box Play programme and to give you some ideas of what you can do. Subsequent sessions you can hire just the boxes however you must agree to our terms and conditions before hire.


Can we hire just the boxes?

Yes, however the first Box Play session you book must include an OpOut member of staff. This is for several reasons, it allows us to share our box play ideas, ensure the staff are informed about the safe running of our programme and also to ensure the boxes are used appropriately. After the first box play session you will be offered the opportunity to hire the boxes without an OpOut member of staff being present, this is subject to conditions being met and satisfactory use of boxes during the first session.


Where can I do box play sessions?

We will bring the play sessions to your venue or location of choice. The session must be run indoors due to the perishable nature of the cardboard boxes. The venue must be a suitable play space and risk assessed for the play activities involved. We will arrange a time to meet with you and discuss your play requirements as well as checking out the play space. Your group or organisation must have permission to use the desired play space and are accountable for paying venue fees and any other associated costs outwith the play session facilitation fees.


Does our organisation or group need to provide an adult helper or staff member?

Yes, it is important that when you book Box Play sessions with us that you include a staff member or helper to attend on the group/organisations behalf. We are responsible for running the box play sessions as well as the safety of the session but a supervising adult must be present during all sessions to ensure the group management and being responsible for getting children to and from the session. We expect the staff member or supervising adult to help out where possible and within reason. It is important for participants to see staff and adult helpers taking part and modelling good practice within the play environment.


What happens if the boxes get damaged?

We understand that cardboard is likely to get damaged over time and is not designed to be particularly long lasting. That being said with appropriate use our boxes do stand the test of time and can provide lots of play opportunities where the boxes don’t get damaged. At the start of every session we highlight the rules when using our boxes for play and encourage the group to take care of the boxes they use. This is an invaluable skill learning to be respectful of equipment and understanding the power in playing with such a simple resource. In the event where boxes get damaged lightly or deteriorate over time there is no charge, however if boxes have been damaged due to improper use or reckless behaviour charges will apply. We take a damage deposit of £20 at the time of booking to recover any costs associated with buying new boxes. In the event no new boxes are needed your full deposit will be returned.


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