Birthday Parties

Do you want to have a birthday party with a difference?

Give your child a birthday they will remember with lots of fresh air, fun and outdoor play!

Operation Play Outdoors provide a personalised outdoor birthday party that is mobile, so we can come to a woodland or park near you. We can create a party with a particular theme and activities tailored to your child’s age and interests.

Birthday Parties

We understand the importance of getting outdoors and being active. Why not incorporate that into your child’s next birthday party?

With our birthday party experiences all the children are engaged from start to finish, that’s two hours where all the children are taking part and having fun. Compare that to a bowling experience where a child bowls twice every 6 minutes with the rest of their time spent sitting waiting. This birthday experience will be far more entertaining and enjoyable so much so that parents might want to join in too, which we encourage!

Our birthday experiences are also designed to encourage children to play outdoors long after the party experience. The games they will learn and activities they will try will get them excited about being outdoors and likely cause them to revisit the games in the future with their friends.

At Operation Play Outdoors one of our main goals is to encourage long term play amongst all participants in our programmes. We do this by inspiring participants and making the outdoors a desirable and exciting place to play. Get in touch here to book your party!

Birthday Party Information

Happy Birthday!Our outdoor birthday parties start at £150

– This price is for up to 10 children.

– At least two supervising adults must be in attendance at all times during the party. There is no charge for supervising adults.

– Additional children are £12.50 each up to a maximum of 20 children.

Each party consists of:

  • Two hour outdoor birthday experience.
  • The choice of two main activities plus games in between.
  • Tailored birthday party experience.

Additional extras:

  • Gift bags £3 per person.
  • Outdoor cooking £1 per person
  • Additional 30 min which can include free play or additional main activity £50.
  • Themed party £20. (This means delivering activities tailored to a specific theme, this does not include any decorations)

Main Activities to choose from.

You need to pick two from the list.

Fire Lighting – A chance to try lighting a fire using traditional methods. Build your fire and reward yourself with a toasted marshmallow.

Den Building – Try your hand at survival and test your den building skills. A challenge to prepare you for an outdoor survival situation. Build dens using natural and man made materials like tarps, ropes and bungee cords.

Treasure Hunt – Fancy some problem solving in the woods. We can combine your second activity into an age appropriate challenging treasure hunt that will get you thinking and looking for clues.

Natural Arts and Crafts – Want to unleash your creative side in Nature? We will put together some crafts for you to try and take home plus stacks of ideas of things to make using natural materials.


Example Themes

If you pay an additional £20 you can get a themed party of your choice. Some examples include:

Harry Potter, Elves and Fairies, Hunger Games, Gruffalo, Pirates, Robin Hood, Woodland Animals, Survival & Camouflage.

Please read through our Important Information prior to booking a birthday party.

Important Information

– At least two supervising adults must be present during the party at all times.

– We do our best to book a party at a woodland near you and have dates available at various parks throughout the year. We have permission to use several public parks and greenspaces, however in the event we don’t have enough party vacancies to meet demand we can request permission to use another park if given 6 weeks notice prior to the party. In the event your party is within 6 weeks of booking we have a smaller selection of parks to choose from which may be in another area of the city.

– Parties out with the Glasgow City boundary where we have a woodland space available will be charged an additional £10.

– All participants must come appropriately dressed for the weather. In the event where participants are not appropriately dressed they may not be allowed to take part in the activities. Please see our ‘What to bring?’/’What to wear?’ document for full details.

– Birthday Parties run all year round and are unlikely to be cancelled unless the weather conditions are severe, this is why coming prepared for the weather is important. In the event where the weather is deemed too severe for the party to proceed the party will be re-scheduled at the earliest convenience. Please see our Wet Weather Policy for further details.

– It is important that all participants follow OpOut staff’s instructions at all times during the party to ensure their safety. In the event where the behaviour or actions of an individual or group are deemed unsafe the activity may be suspended.

– As part of all our programmes we like to teach the principles of leave no trace when you are out playing and exploring the outdoors. This simply means we like to leave the woods the way we found them or better. To teach this principle we ask all of our participants to take down their dens, pick up their litter and put out the fire to ensure the woods are put back to their original state.

– When we meet at the start of the birthday party there is always a bit of a walk to the site. Sometimes as long as 15 min depending on what site we use. It is therefore recommended that all participants arrive at least 15 min early to allow for time to get to site. Any delays may result in activities not happening or being cut short.

Birthday Party Quick Info


  • Birthday Parties are tailored to your child’s interests.
  • Our birthday parties run for two hours, although more time can be purchased.
  • Our birthday parties are inclusive and engaging from start to finish.
  • Participants will be encouraged to try new activities and learn new skills in a fun and safe environment.
  • Our birthday parties run all year round in most weather.
  • We expect participants to come prepared for the weather and activities provided.

Examples of activities we could do at your party!

Play Comparison

What your getting for your money?

At OpOut we value the time we have for play so like to make the most of play opportunities. Our parties offer far more play time compared to traditional birthday party options. Our parties also have the added benefit of giving children games and activities to try long after the party is over.

Average Minutes of Play over 2 hour Party: Soft Play 60, Bowling 25, Cinema 0, Laser Tag 45, Football 60.

OpOut Party 100.

Birthday Party FAQs

We have multiple locations throughout Glasgow and further afield that can be used for your birthday party. Upon enquiry we will ask for your address and get back to you with a selection of parks which are close to you. If you are looking to organise a party outside the city, you simply make that request upon enquiry and we can let you know what options are available for outdoor spaces we can use.

This is dependant on the location of your birthday party. Once you have made your booking we will send you further details of getting to and from the park as well as meeting points. Our staff are very familiar with the parks so in the event you can’t find your way we will give you a direct mobile number for the staff running your party. It is the party organisers responsibility to ensure all participants are picked up by their parent/carer.

We have set times for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons. These times may be flexible in the event we have less bookings on one day, however that is subject to availability.

Spring and Summer Times

10am – 12pm, 1 – 3pm, 4 – 6pm

Autumn and Winter Times

10am – 12pm, 1 – 3pm

Absolutely, we encourage this, the more time spent playing outdoors the better. You can either book further time within your party to try another activity or have free play time with our equipment or you can go explore other areas of the park with the supervising adults being responsible for the group.

Severe weather is classified as high winds, severe cold or thunder and lightning. If the forecast is for heavy rain the party will still go ahead. We encourage children to play outdoors whatever the weather and we will bring tarpaulins and active games to keep everyone warm and dry. Please see our Severe Weather Policy for further information. If a party does have to be cancelled due to severe weather we will aim to reschedule at the earliest convenience. Please see our full Terms and Conditions or contact us with any questions.

This is dependant on the site we book for your party. Generally there is no access to toilets in most woodlands or there is a substantial walk, there are exceptions and we can certainly explain this further when you make an enquiry. We encourage participants to go to the toilet before the party starts to reduce the risk of needing the toilet during the session. If this is a particular worry we can speak to you about this and find a site that may have better access to toilets.

Adults and parents are welcome to stay on site during the party and also welcome to get involved with activities, this is at the discretion of the main parent who organised the party. Our focus of course is on the children and it is crucial that children get to participate freely without adults taking over. That being said if you’re eager to build your own den we can set the adults a challenge to make their own and that way not interfering with the children’s engineering. If parents choose to drop off their child and come back after 2 hours we can certainly recommend places nearby for them to get a coffee or do some shopping. We will have tea/coffee available to all adults wanting to stay with the party and chat with other parents. We don’t provide seats but will have plastic mats you can use to sit on if you’d like one.

Our woodland parties are held outdoors all year round and therefore we can’t guarantee that guests will stay clean! We recommend wearing old or inexpensive clothes, wellies or old trainers and waterproofs.

We don’t have a minimum for our parties however the minimum cost for a party is £150 and that covers the first 10 children. We do however have a maximum of 20 children at our party, including the birthday boy or girl, this is to ensure everyone gets a chance to take part and has a quality experience.

We accept card payments both over the phone or via a booking link we can send you when you choose to book a party. We are registered with WorldPay who process our card payments. We also accept bank transfers and cheques as long as they clear before the date of the party. We require a £50 deposit to secure the date of the birthday and then ask for the remaining balance to be paid at least 2 weeks before the date of the party.

Yes, of course. We don’t provide cake at our parties as there are so many options out there as well as the opportunity to have custom cakes made, we figure that’s a decision best made by you. You can prepare your own goody bags and bring along that’s no problem. We do offer our own goody bags for children as an optional extra, these cost £3 per child.