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At Operation Play Outdoors we work with people of all ages and abilities, we have lots of experience working with adult only groups. We firmly believe that people of all ages and abilities should be able to access the outdoors and benefit from the outdoor play and learning experiences we provide. In a time where mental health issues are on the rise, general physical activity is slowing down, we see a huge importance in delivering the programmes we do to ensure lots of people get the experience to reap the many mental health and physical benefits associated with getting outdoors and taking part in our programmes.

We can work with all types of adult only groups, from community groups, mental health services, walking groups, elderly, faith and disability groups and lots more. We can create tailored sessions to fit your group’s needs, whether it be over the course of 12 weeks or a one of taster experience we have a wide range of activities to choose from. Some examples of activities include Willow Weaving, Bushcraft, Survival Skills, Outdoor Cooking, Woodland Walks, Biodiversity Surveys, Conservation tasks like tree planting, bird box building etc, tool use outdoors, foraging, crafts, herbal activities and lots more.

You are never too old to get out and play, we have work with people aged 2 – 100 and can always find ways to create exciting, comfortable and memorable outdoor experiences.

Some examples ouf our programs are detailed below:

Branching Out

This programme is funded and supported by Scottish Forestry. We deliver at least one Branching Out programme per year working with people with mental health issues and partner with local NHS Services and Mental Health Charities. The programme is delivered over 12 weeks, where each participant gets out into the woods for 3 hours each week and gets to try a wide variety of outdoor activities from fire lighting, outdoor cooking, willow weaving, Tai Chi and lots more.

Woodland Walking Programme

We deliver a wide range of Walking Woodland Programmes, these are tailored to the community groups and organisations we work with. We’ll take a group of adults out to a new woodland each week providing our own transport. Participants will learn more about the woods, as well as doing activities linked to those specific woodlands. To date we have visited over 100 woodlands across Scotland.

Willow Weaving in the Community

Our programmes can pop up any outdoor space, in this particular programme we popped up in a community garden in Partick, Glasgow. We introduced members of the community to a range of things that can be made out of Willow. This was a creative project, encouraging participants to try making new things each week, and it provided a great opportunity to socialise, learn more about the environment and develop a new skill. See our events page for future Willow Weaving opportunities.

Conservation Days

Over the years we have taken many groups away tree planting, as well as introducing adult groups to a range of conservation tasks. Each of these projects increasing participants awareness of the environment as well as leaving a lasting legacy that will help improve the environment around them. We organise tree planting days every year, if you’d be interested in taking a group out planting over the Winter Tree Planting season please get in touch.

Training & Team Building Days

As well as adult only woodland days and trips away. We have worked with lots of professionals over the years, developing CPD Training and Team Building opportunities for their staff. Our training and team building will then go into future work within their organisations and groups.

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